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Bassoon Pedagogues

About Kovar
Norman Herzberg: An Icon of Bassoon Pedagogy
North American Universities, Colleges & Conservatories 2011 Bassoon / Oboe
Top Bassoon teachers and schools

Simon Kovar (1890-1970), 1923-57 (67) Juilliard

---- students in performance

Norman Herzberg 31 (1916-2007), [Vincent Pezzi 1933-37 Eastman, Simon Kovar Juilliard], 1953-1991 (75) USC

Sol Schoenbach 30 (1915-1999), [Simon Kovar, NYU], Curtis Institute

Leonard Sharrow 23 (1915-2004), 1960s-77 (62) Indiana

Stephen Maxym 19 (1915-2002), [Simon Kovar, Juilliard], Juilliard, USC

Bernard Garfield 19 (1924-), [Simon Kovar], 1976-2008 (84) Curtis

Harold Goltzer * (1915-2004), [Simon Kovar], Juilliard

George Goslee * (1916-2006), [Eastman], Cleveland CIM

K. David van Hoesen * (1928?-), [Eastman], Oberlin, CIM, 1954-1991 (63?) Eastman

Sherman Walt * (1923-1989), [1946 Curtis], New England Conservatory of Music, Boston University

Hugh Cooper * (1920-2007), Michigan

Arthur Weisberg (1931-2005), [Simon Kovar], Yale

----- 1958 - 2023 (65)

Benjamin Kamins (1952-), [Norman Herzberg], 1987- (71) Rice

John Hunt ( ), [Hoesen, Eastman], 1991-2016 Eastman

George Sakakeeny (1956?-), [Hoesen, Eastman], 1989-2016 Oberlin, 2016- (67?) Eastman

Judith LeClair (1958-), [K. David van Hoesen, Eastman], 1985- (65) Juilliard

Barrick Stees ( ), [Hoesen, Eastman], CIM

Sue Heineman ( ), [Hoesen Eastman, Maxym Juilliard], Maryland

Frank Morelli (1951?-), [Maxym, Juilliard], Juilliard, 1994- (72?) Yale

Whitney Crockett () [Maxym, Juilliard], -2010 Manhattan, to LA

Christopher Millard (1952?), [Sol Schoenbach, 1975 Curtis], -2014 Northwestern

David McGill (1962?), [Sol Schoenbach, 1985 Curtis], 2014- Northwestern

Richard Ranti (1960?-), [Sol Schoenbach, 1983 Curtis], 1989- Boston, NEC

William Winstead (1941?), [1964 Curtis], Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

William Ludwig (1952?-), [Yale], 1985-2007 LSU, 2007- (71?) Indiana

Daniel Matsukawa (1970?-), [Bernard Garfield, 1992 Curtis], 2002- Curtis


Kathleen McLean (1965?-), [1985 Curtis], 2009- Indiana
Kristin Wolfe Jensen (1971?-), [Oberlin, Juilliard], 1995- Austin
Eric Stomberg (1972?-), [CCM], 2004- Kansas
Nicolasa Kuster [Oberlin], 2008- Pacific
Albie Micklich [Stees], ASU
Jeff Keesecker [Winstead, Maxym], FSU

Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition
2016 Curtis, CCM (William Winstead), Indiana (Kathleen McLean), UNC, Oberlin, Indiana (William Ludwig)/Yale
2014 Eastman (John Hunt), Northwestern (Millard), Curtis, Temple/Curtis, Juilliard (Patricia Rogers), Eastman (Hunt)/Austin (Kristin Wolfe Jensen), Kansas (Stomberg), Austin (Jensen), Indiana (William Ludwig)
2012 Colburn/Rice, Stony Brook (Morelli), Oberlin/Butler (Douglas Spaniol), Oberlin, FSU (Jeff Keesecker), Eastman (Hunt)/Northwestern (Millard), Manhattan (Kim Laskowski), Columbus/Indiana (Ludwig)
2010 Austin/Northwestern, Oberlin, Rice, ASU/CIM (Barrick Stees), Austin, Northwestern/NEC (Richard Ranti), NEC (Richard Svoboda)/Yale, Oberlin/Akron (Barrick Stees), Oberlin, Colburn
2007 Manhattan (Frank Morelli, Whitney Crockett (LA Phil))/Maryland (Susan Heineman), Manhattan (Whitney Crockett), Oberlin, ASU (Albie Micklich), Northwestern (Robert Barris and Lewis Kirk),
2005 Yale, Wichita (Nicolasa Kuster), Oberlin, Juilliard (Judith LeClair)/Oberlin, Oberlin, Wichita (Nicolasa Kuster)

Pre-Screening/Live Audition Repertoire

Curtis 2 mvt of Mozart, Weber, or Hummel, all scales/arpeggios, 1 etude, 2 orchestra excerpts
Colburn 2 mvt of Weber, all scales, 1 Milde op.24, 2 Weissenborn op.8 v2 50 advanced studies
Eastman 1 Mozart or Weber, 2 Milde op.26 v1, 2 orchestra excerpts
Rice 1 concerto, Milde op.24, 1 slow/melodic etude, Overture to Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, and Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4, movement 2Juilliard 1 concerto, 1 concerto or 2 etudes, 3+ orchestral excerpts
MSM 10 minutes, 2 works, 2 etudes, 2 orchestral excerpts, Morelli, Laskowski
CIM exposition of Mozart Concerto, all scales, Milde op.24, all scales, Stees
Oberlin 2-3 sections of concertos, all scales, 1 Milde op.26
Northwestern 2 mvt of Mozart, 2nd Weber, all scales to high C, Milde op.26 v1, 2 orchestral excerpts
Austin 3 contrasting movements

Milde op.24, 25 Studies in Scales and Chords
Milde op.26, 50 Concert Studies v1, v2
Weissenborn Practical Bassoon School, Practical Method 25 exercises
Weissenborn op.8 Bassoon Studies: part 1, Beginners, part 2, 50 Advanced Studies v1, v2

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College Fairs

National Association for College Admission Counseling NACAC
Performing and Visual Arts College Fair 10/23/2016 CUA, Vanderbilt Blair, Indiana Jacobs, Interlochen, Manhattan, Oberlin, Peabody, Rice Shepherd, Irvine, USC, PacificFall National College Fair no SF
STEM College and Career Fairs 11/6/2016 South San Francisco Harvey Mudd, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Columbia, Case Western Reserve
Spring 2017 National College Fair

College Tours:
Coast to Coast College Tour: Berkeley, Dartmouth, NWU, Princeton, Vanderbilt.  no SF
NUHE Tour: Notre Dame, Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Emory 9/13 Tu
CMU information sessions San Jose 9/14-15 We-Th
Barnard in Your Area  Gunn 9/16 Fr
MIT Visits You travel San Jose 9/18 Su
Case Western Reserve  SSF 11/6
Northwestern Comes to You no SF
Cornell in Your Hometown no SF
Rice in You Town no SF
Rochester Off Campus no SF

NEC College Fair 10/1/2016
Chicago Northshore Music College Fair 10/6/2016
Palo Alto College Fair  10/10/2016
Oberlin Conservatory of Music Performing Arts College Fair 10/10/2016
New York City Performing and Visual Arts College Fair 10/19/2016
Los Angeles County High School of the Arts LACHSA College Fair  10/21/2016
Upstate New York Music College Fair Eastman and Juilliard 10/28/2016

Cleveland Institute of Music CIM

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Opioid Conversion

Opioid Conversion Search


Hydromorphone (dilaudid), hydrocodone (norco) half-life duration

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Health Statistics

Top 15 Causes of Death by County, State, USA
USA Life Expectancy Map

Leading Causes of Death
Heart disease, Cancer, Chronic lower respiratory diseases, Accidents, Stroke, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Influenza and pneumonia, Kidney disease, Suicide